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 Car review
  - Mercedes-Benz E-Class E400 coupe

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2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E400 coupe Car Review
Model release dates: August 2013 - June 2017

THE Mercedes-Benz E400 sedan is a tempting proposition, offering a combination of German build quality, sprightly performance, comfort for five passengers and all at a cost of $128,545 before on roads.

But for exactly the same money, Mercedes will take away the back doors, one of the rear seats and some of the headroom, resulting in the E400 coupe.

Besides the obvious difference in profile, the coupe version of the E-Class wears facelifted front and rear bumpers to impart a more sporty look, and the result renders the coupe immediately distinguishable from the sedan version.

Both Audi and BMW weigh in to the fizzy mid-sized coupe fight with the S5 coupe and 435i respectively, but what is the allure of a car that is essentially a less practical and no less expensive version of the sedan?

We hopped in the hottest E-Class coupe for the Christmas break to see if it’s simply a matter of style over practicality or a feasible day-to-day coupe, and if it can hold its own against the other German super-coupes.

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